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CFDE in-person teaching webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Melinda K Higgins PhD
What level of vaccination will be need to get to so we can stop teaching in a mask?
Laura Finzi
Will a booster (III dose of Covid vaccine) be available/required in the fall to extend coverage to the end of the semester for those who were fully vaccinated in the spring?
Eric Weeks
hi everybody, for those who just arrived -- please put questions in Q & A
Eric Weeks
should be Q & A button one or two buttons left of the chat button.
Caroline Fohlin
Can we get specifics about these contingency plans, please?
Caroline Driebe
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see right to know, need to know, want to know information: https://emory.edu/forward/resources/policies-guidelines-protocols/index.html
Steven Bosinger
What are the Emory policies on the responsibilities of the instructor if they become aware of a SARS-CoV-2+ individual in their class: (i) is the instructor required to report it to contact tracing? (ii) is the instructor required to inform their class of a potential exposure? is the instructor violating any privacy issues by identifying or reporting an exposure or spreading event in their class?
Pamela Scully
You will find a quick guide giving information on what to do if you are a faculty member and learn of a student is sick: https://www.emory.edu/forward/covid-19/quick-guides.html
Melinda K Higgins PhD
Didem Uca
The CFDE strongly recommends recording classes, although this is not an Emory-wide mandate.
Didem Uca
^Sorry, didn’t mean to send that!
Susan Ann Detrie
Use Slack in a classroom to allow typing questions everyone can see by projecting: https://slack.com/
Mary Taylor Mann
I talked to an IT contact about getting a microphone for my classroom. My classroom isn’t outfitted for a microphone, but IT said they are distributing “small portable voice lift” devices for instructors. I recommend emailing your IT contact or your program coordinator about classroom technology, and they should be able to help.
Matt Segall
Thank you for acknowledging staff!
Peggy Wagner
thank you all!!!