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Vsit by the Georgia Office of Bar Admissions - Shared screen with speaker view
Katherine Brokaw
As you know, our guest today is Ms. Heidi Faenza, Director of the Office of Bar Admissions for Georgia, the office that handles character and fitness review and bar exam administration. That office has “jurisdiction” over you until you are actually admitted to the bar (sworn in).
Katherine Brokaw
If you have a question while Ms. Faenza talks, please type it here in the chat box, and Rhani will help make sure it is addressed.
Rhani Lott
Hi, Everyone. Please stay muted unless I ask you to unmute to ask your question.
Laura Flint
Is this only for the fall 2020 exam?
Katherine Brokaw
Yes, this is about October 2020.
Will I get confirmation emails that the my release of liability and acceptance of testing conditions is received by the bar?
Joseph Lenoff
There is a rumor that if the software does not work that we will be asked to take the February exam. Is that the current plan?
Joseph Lenoff
To clarify, I’m asking about the full group of Oct 2020 takers, not individuals
Mary Geier
Will the video/audio monitoring files also start to automatically upload after the each exam session is over (on exam day)?
Rhani Lott
I'm keeping track of these questions, and I'll ask them when Ms. Faenza breaks.
Sam Holder
Do you have any idea if Examsoft is planning to expand the number of support staff available to answer calls on exam day? I was forced to be on hold for over 2 hours waiting for tech support to fix a problem on their end with the video monitoring
Brian Landau
Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, and if it isn't please advise where I should seek the answer - During the mock exam, I was asked to show my photo ID. Unfortunately my photo ID was expired. Is that going to be an issue?
Alex Borovsky
If the timer runs out for a segment of the exam, will the exam segment automatically end or do we have to actively submit before the 90 minutes is up in order to make sure that we are not in violation of going over time?
Joseph Lenoff
Did I understand the FAQ correctly that the score will be 50% MC, 25% MBE, 25% Georgia Essay?
Philip O.
As to testing conditions, would a bookshelf with law books ~8ft behind me be a problem?
Erin Schapiro
Do we need to take the mock exam in the same place where we take the actual exam? There was a note in the FAQ about “confirming the framing for exam day.” I know many students are hoping to take the exam at Emory and would not have access to take the mock exam there.
Melissa Weems
If the power goes out, even if my laptop is charged, the router will go out. Which I assumes means the remote video proctoring is affected right? If the power goes out are we just S-O-L? (Sorry Rhani, but I really don't know how else to phrase it.)
Juan Patino
For the open book section, are commercial paper outline allowed. For example the barbri outlines?
Cody Long
During the Mock Exam, my video monitoring did not activate. I was instructed to call techinical support. I called and asked for a call back several days in a row but have not heard back. How do you suggest I proceed? My mock exam uploaded and was recieved.
Elise Wilson
^^I had the same problem as Cody. I talked to tech support and they could not figure out why the monitoring did not activate.
Paige Kovalchik
If there’s a TV in the testing room (turned off) will that be an issue?
Juan Patino
Will the word count on the essays or MPT be different?
Chelsea Spampinato
I second Cody! I was not even able to access the exam, called Examsoft and was number 55th in line and then was told I’d receive a call later and did not
Angela Grate
Cody Elise and Chelsea, I had the same problem, and after two hours of waiting had a helpful individual help me download a different version of the mock exams, which had the correct video/audio permissions. I would ask them to send you a new download of the mock exams.
Elise Wilson
Angela, unfortunately, that didn’t work for me; the representative was helpful and tried lots of things, but couldn’t figure it out. I’m having to either change operating systems (away from one that is supported according to the Examsoft site) or get a new computer.
Katherine Brokaw
If you expect you might have a bathroom emergency doing the exam sessions, you should plan to take the test in a private space like your home or a hotel room so you have immediate private access to a bathroom.
Angela Grate
I’m so sorry to hear that, Elise!
Katherine Brokaw
What about phones in the vicinity, either cellphones or landlines?
If the adopter of my computer charger got lose from the wall, I will need to bend down under my desk and put back the adopter. Will that be considered as cheating?
Danielle Hernandez
if we look around to think, will it be a testing violation?
Chelsea Spampinato
Can we get a little more clarity regarding the uploads. Is it automatic after each section or is there a process that we have to go through
Ella Vacca
Can we use ear plugs? Many of us plan to take the exam in a library, and with the potential difference in each test taker’s start and end times per session, I imagine people getting up and moving around will be distracting.
Danielle Hernandez
does characters include spaces?
Elise Wilson
Earlier, you said we could cover something like a bookshelf with a sheet to make clear that we’re not using it - will that work for other items like TVs?
Danielle Hernandez
can you copy paste between the MPT and the answer window
If I use my fingers to write on the desk during MBE, is that cheating?
Chelsea Spampinato
So is it recommended we outline within the answer sheet and not on the notes/scratch page
Paige Kovalchik
My fiancé and I are both taking the GA bar and planning to take it from our apartment. Is it an issue if we’re in different rooms in the same apartment?
Ella Vacca
Can we use scratch paper to write on during the written portion?
Philip O.
as to testing conditions, I may be taking it in my "home office" at a desk with little shelves and a whiteboard. I plan to empty the desk and clear the whiteboard. My question is, If video monitoring is active prior to the exam, is it worth it to spin the camera around and give a clear view of my testing environment to be on the safe side? I also tend to look around in thought sometimes and don't want it to appear like I am consulting materials
Alex Borovsky
This is probably me not understanding the scoring system, but how do we amass the total 270 points if there are only half the number of points available because the exam is cut in half. I understand the MC is graded off percentage correct and then scaled, but are the essays graded the same way?
Cody Long
Have the multiple choice questions been altered to ensure that there are questions that do not require scratch paper (i.e., complicated property questions with many transfers, etc.)?
Danielle Robbins
Can we have our computers plugged into the ethernet?
Danielle Park’s iPhone
sorry just to clarify, can you highlight within the MPT attachment file? it did not appear so on the mock exam
Katherine Brokaw
Also confirming: during the closed book parts of the exam, no paper or writing instruments nearby?
Erin Schapiro
I know some Mac users have randomly been getting a pop-up about allow ExamSoft access to System Events (I believe—or something similar). Should we be accepting that pop-up?
Paige Kovalchik
Is there a date or date range we can anticipate getting scores?
Philip O.
We have clarified that paper supplements are allowed during essay, but want to confirm that writing utensil are also allowed. If so, can it be any pen/pencil?
Chelsea Spampinato
Just randomly! It pops up randomly
Juan Patino
You can highlight within the file? But not within the attachment? Can you explain what that means?
I have gotten it randomly, not using the mock exam
Kseniya Kuprovska
I got it randomly too
Chelsea Spampinato
It popped up on my desktop not while using the software at all
I also got it randomly
Elise Wilson
I have also gotten the pop up randomly
Miriam Broussard
I got it too
I also got it
Kseniya Kuprovska
ExamSoft wasn’t even open. This happened before I redownloaded ES on Sept 2
Katherine Brokaw
“Removable media” aren’t allowed in testing area, so avoid any kind of electronic pen or writing instrument.
Philip O.
can we access the second mock exam again for practice purposes?
Philip O.
Thank you everyone for all the help and information!
Cody Long
Many bar prep programs have recommended the drawing of various diagrams to answer questions, but there did not appear to be a drawing/diagram feature on the software. Is it possible to confirm with NCBE that questions that require these diagrams or even simple math (i.e., calculating damages) will not be included?
Philip O.
will the answers to the mock exam questions be available?
Erin Schapiro
If the university requires us to wear masks in the library (i.e. where we take the exam) will that be a problem for the software?
Katherine Brokaw
The space being offered by the university is not in the law library, it is in meeting rooms in the Emory Conference Center. And yes, I think you’ll have to wear masks.
Thank you!
Elise Wilson
Thank you!