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ENVS 390: Martin Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Kristan Majors
For those in Atlanta or nearby you can get the book God, Dr. Buzzard and the Bolito man from the Emory Libraries http://discovere.emory.edu/discovere:default_scope:01EMORY_ALMA21194952920002486
Kristan Majors
You can pick up curbside or make an appointment to stop by the library https://libraries.emory.edu/using-the-library/fall-2020-faq.html#requesting,-borrowing,-and-returning-materials
Kristan Majors
You can find all of Dr. Martin’s books in the library too by searching DiscoverE typing Anthony J. Martin
Georgia Spies
To add to that question about burrowing and climate, how could it change in the future?
Michelle Bardales
Are alligator dens ever abandoned by alligators, and if so, do they serve a similar purpose to gopher tortoise burrows or any other purpose in the ecosystem after they have been abandoned?
Por Jaijongkit
Hi Dr Martin! I was wondering if there is information of historical human interactions with alligators and/or their dens or traces?
Tony Kasper
Dr. Martin,
Shantal Robinson
Do you know what were the shell rings created by indigenous tribes used for?
Tony Kasper
Have you seen that aspects of communication with local communities has improved the quality of your scientific research in any notable ways? Specifically, in this alligator study.
Megan Freeman
Is the GA Coast Atlas a unique type of resource, or is this kind of digital scholarship available in other areas of the world?
Angelina Tran
What is usually your first step in writing one of your books? Also, do you design your own book covers?
Kristan Majors
Thank you, Tony.
Oscar de León (EHS, he/him/his)
Thank you Tony, and thanks for the opportunity to join for us who are not in the class.
Joel Lerner (he/him)
Thank you so much for speaking today!